Springpad is shutting down on June 25th


Good Bye Spring Pad.  Springpad is shutting down on June 25th

My First thought

“Well really! that’s not a surprise”

My First feeling

“deeply sadden”

Over the years Springpad has been a very reliable companion to myself and many others in my circles. Now time to make use of the export features and move on. But first a big THANK YOU to all that made Springpad the wonderful app it was.  The review and think twice about where next you are taking your data….

Two options:

  1. Migrate Your Data to other services
  2. Export Your Data
    1. HTML file
    2. JSON file for Importing to Other Services

Best of luck. I surely will need it..   I will update if i ever find a good enough alternative…

For More

Where are the engineers headed to?  … you guessed it.. Google!