Top Elasticsearch plugins

These are my top must have Elasticsearch plugins, from monitoring clusters to moving indices and managing Elasticsearch snapshots.  If you are here you may already know of Elasticsearch’s marvel plugin, with combination with Sense you mostly have all you will need to manage Elasticsearch.  If like me Marvel and Sense are not enough for your workflow or just curious about what plugins by the Elasticsearch community can offer you please read on.

NOTE: Some of these plugins are not being maintained anymore since site plugins got removed from new version of Elasticsearch.  I will soon update this list with workaround/alternatives.  Meanwhile you may follow the links to the plugins landing pages of for the latest update/news/alternative.



Elasticseach head cluster OverviewBy default the first thing I will always install.  Most times even before I install the official elastic search Marvel plugin suits.

  • Not quite polished for aesthetics but does what it needs to do very very good and that is quick snap via of the status of your cluster, nodes, shards etc.
  • Quick handy drop-down buttons to drop an index, alias or set and alias.
  • You can also easily write up your own queries and view them as tables or json.
  • Follow/contribute to the project on GitHub – elasticsearch-head



elasticsearch kopf cluster view

Another lovely tool aimed more at administering your elasticsearch cluster.  Very light weight and covers commonly peformed tasks, by no means comprehensive but its getting better and better.  Best thing this have over HQ is the REST client which you can leverage to explore most of what Elasticsearch API exposes.

Note this can also be run locally without being installed as a plugin albeit some browser limitations:

git clone git://
cd elasticsearch-kopf
git checkout <a given branch final version>
open _site/index.html

Note this can also be run locally without being installed as a plugin albeit some browser limitations:




elasticsearch whatson

Aimed at elasticsearch cluster monitoring, visualisation and inspection with lots of stats. Can be used without installing at Whatson Git Hub Page.  Most Useful in large clusters.




HQ Elastic clusterhealth


  • Performance metrics reports
  • Monitoring
  • Charts
  • Open-source project.
  • Elastic search management tool.
  • Available as a Plug/Hosted/Self-Hosted war
  • Query functionality (limited, currently not customisable)
  • Follow/contribute to the project on GitHub – elasticsearch-HQ

For ElasticHQ users usage Stats  go here


Big Desk


bigdesk cpu

In short Big Desk pulls data from Elasticsearch via REST API calls in convert this to numerous charts of statistics about your elasticsearch cluster.

  • can be installed as a plugin
  • download and run locally or
  • run from the web
  • follow/contribute to the project on GitHub-bigdesk








  • Priceless tool for tuning results relevancy.  Exposes easy means to testing your Analysers, mappings and queries anatomy.
  • Fully dedicated tab for testing Tokenisers, Analysers and most importantly your Queries
  • This is a a tool I will highly recommend for learning as it quickly helps you learn how elasticsearch interpret, parses and match/not queries
  • Shame this plugin has not been updated in recent time but feel free to contribute at Git-hub elasticsearch-inquisitor

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