Pace Super Star

Your Pace | Distance | Time calculator and Distance Unit Converter.

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Brief Description

Pace Super Star is primarily a pace/time calculator android app that enables you to calculate your pace per mile, meter, kilometer, yard, 1500m, 800m e.t.c. from your total time and distance for any race activity.  It allows calculation of any of Pace / distance / time from any two known values.  Wants some inspiration for your next run? Why not try asking it to calculate your splits per Mile, Kilometers, Meter etc to plan the pace you need to maintain to hit your next time target. In additional there is a distance unit converter to save you time from the hassles of doing those repetitive conversion.


  • Pace calculation from Time and Distance
  • Distance calculation from Pace and Distance
  • Time calculation from Time and Pace
  • Splits Calculations from any of the above
  • Distance Unit Converter.

Units: Miles, Kilometer, Meters, Yard, 1500m, 800m, 400m, 200m e.t.c


Pace Super Star’s features were driven by the needs of my running buddy and I.  If you think there is a feature missing or having any tips for further improvement please do contact me @  I will be more than happy to add them in in feature versions of the Pace Super Star app.

Get Pace Super Star from Google Play Store : click here


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